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The Pieter-S was built at the TSM in 1954

TSM is screened for the first time in Terneuzen, Kunstuitleen Bellamystraat 26a.

At the TSM site in 2010

Currently I am working on a videopiece called TSM. In 2008 I read an article in the local newspaper about a man who builds models of all the ships ever built at the shipyard TSM. He managed to save the original drawings when the shipyard went bankrupt in 1978. I was doing research on that particular shipyard because my grandad worked there his whole life and told me stories about the beauty of building ships with great enthousiasm. He was fascinated by simple things like the huge size of the bolts they had to use and brought some home to show us. Now I met Frans, the man that used to work there as well, the TSM still lives on in his apartment where he builds model after model with great precision.